Board Games are Great Home Accents and Great for the Kids

Do you think you can combine your decorative home accents with education and a themed room in your home? Do you like spending some of your evenings playing board games with your friends, family or specifically your children? How about combine home décor with your favorite board games for a unique themed room? 


Take chess for example. By teaching your kids to play chess, you teach them how to think before they leap! You teach them the importance of strategy and how planning in advance can gain rewards later - why an instant benefit may not mean long-term success.

Mahjong is a game little known in the west, other than it exits. Most people will likely have heard about it, but how many can play it? Even fewer can play it well, but if you had a beautiful mahjong set, with ivory acrylic tiles stored in a solid oak wooden case, would you not want to learn how to play the game well? The same applies to your chess set: many people love collecting chess sets or using them for decoration, but it is also a wonderfully intriguing game to play. 


Beautiful Lewis Chess Sets

Beautiful chess sets make wonderful home accents, and are also a great way to teach your children to think. The set that everybody wants is a copy of the Isle of Lewis chess set, discover in 1831 on Lewis, the largest island of the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. The originals of this beautiful 12th century set are shared between the National Museum of Scotland and the British Museum in London.


Another type of chess set you can buy online is one comprising Greek characters, the soldiers in the form of Hoplite warriors and the pieces in the form of Greek gods and other characters. You can find similar sets online in the form of medieval characters and animals. These are beautiful home accents, but even more importantly, the education your children will get in how to play chess and the importance of patience, planning and quick thinking in work and play will be invaluable. 


Chinese Checkers - An Intriguing Board Game of Strategy

Other board games available that are almost as valuable as chess in teaching how to use the thought processes hidden within the brain include Chinese checkers and Go. Chinese checkers is a game for 2 to 6 people, involving tactical strategies needed to outwit your opponents. This is another skill that will benefit children - and adults - when they learn how to use the tactics and mental skills involved. Not only thinking for themselves, but trying to think like their opponents so they are ready for the next move 


The board of good hardwood with a felt bottom is a fabulous display in itself, fitted with drawers to hold the 6 sets of 10 colored marbles, one set for each of the hexagon corners. You can purchase these sets online at bargain prices, and some people use them for a themed 'games' room. The sets of board games in a themed 'game lounge' are all functional in addition to offering unique decorative home accents. 


Go for Gold!

Go is an old Oriental game, about which many have heard but very few have any idea how it is played. Now's your chance, not only to add another home decor accent to your themed 'games room', but also to learn about an ancient game of strategy and deep thinking. Go comes in a wooden case with felt interior, holding black and white pieces, with the case folding out as a playing board: an ideal traveling game, but don't ask me how to play it. That's for you to find out! 


Backgammon in Alabaster

If none of these appeal to you, or even if they do, how about backgammon? This is an old favorite, yet fewer people know how to play backgammon than understand chess. Whether you opt for an inexpensive wooden set or a lovely Italian set equipped with white and red alabaster playing pieces stored in a leather attaché case that also holds the playing board, your friends and neighbors will look on you as a games expert when they visit your home. 


Home Accents for Themed Games Rooms

Many people combine regular home décor with specific themed home accents in each room. Some choose an Egyptian theme, others a Roman, Wild West or Native American theme. A games theme would make a refreshing change, and also enthrall your guests with your intelligent choice of games on display. 


These board games are more than just games: they make you think and teach strategy, patience, forward planning and develop the memory. You would certainly benefit from that, but even more importantly, so would your children. If you teach your children these classical board games at an early age, then they might grow up knowing that there is more to fun than just computer games.


Stanislav Komsky is an expert consultant for board games, chess boards, and dungeons and dragons miniatures and a writer who takes time out to write articles in his spare time, where he'll help you pick out the perfect chess set. Stanislav Komsky will help you select something special from a huge selection of unique chess sets, chess boards and collectible themed chess pieces.

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